Valkyrie WoodTurning Smoothing Tool w/15MM Round Cutter lathe tool chisel




Up for sale is this Valkyrie USA Lathe Tools Carbide Tipped Wood Turning Tool. You are purchasing one tool with the installed indexable cutter with a hand turned Oak handle.  The indexable carbide cutter stays sharp a remarkable amount of time and when it starts to dull simply loosen the cutter and rotate it 1/4″ and you have a new sharp surface.  When you have used all of the tips surface you just need to replace the tip which currently costs less then $10.00 from us and your back to work.  No need for expensive sharpening equipment or frequent trips to the grinder! 

This carbide wood turning tool is handmade proudly in the USA.  A tool designed to make wood turning more fun with less effort.  Turning a piece of square stock into a round cylinder using conventional tools can be very time consuming and tiring! 
With the Valkyrie carbide roughing tool this task will take less time and energy.  With a cutting angle of 35 degrees the tool will remove an incredible amount of  material in a short time.  Best of all there is no learning curve to using it and no need for expensive sharpening equipment.  Simply lay the tool on the tool rest and start cutting!   The 1/2″ round stock blade holder will keep the tool from bouncing or wandering on the tool rest.  This tools size makes it the most practical tool to use on a Mini or Midi Lathe. Each one of these tools is hand made proudly in the USA!
This tool comes handled.  It is also available un-handled so please check the store if you would like to purchase that way
Each one of my tools is hand finished, polished and lathe tested before it is shipped to a customer.

Handles are turned sanded and finished with a mineral oil and beeswax combination.
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Tool Diameter: 1/2″
Style: Round handled
Overall length: 19″
Tool Length: 10.0″
Cutter Size: 
Length: 15MM
Width: 15MM
Height:  1.5MM
Profile: Round
Cutting Angle: 35 degree
American White Oak
Length: 9″

Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 22 × 2 × 3 in


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